Suspension bridges

Used for years in the Pyrenees Mountains with very good results, this model of footbridge has a modular platform anchored to the ground with supporting pillars, flexible cable hangers and a wooden platform or plates of gratin steel or aluminium.

Designed for crossing rivers in their middle or upper reaches

This model is ideal for crossing rivers in their middle section or in the upper section in the valley area. The materials are lightweight and there is no need for auxiliary suspension systems, except in the case of high lengths, where it is necessary to add pillars. 

Perfect for pedestrians and cyclists

This model has no length limitations and allows platform widths between 1.5 and 2 m wide. It is deal for pedestrians and bicycles.

It is reduced dimensions model created at the request of our customers to break with the monotony of rigid wooden bridges. It is made up of two main supporting cables that end at the head of the pillars. To counteract the moments (eccentric loads), it has 4 cables/winds anchored to the ground.

The pillars are 1.5 m high and transmit the load to the ground through micropiles. The suspension hangers are made in stainless and the board is wooden made.

It is ideal for including it within the route of a footpath or a family route.

This footbridge aims to open a pass over a ravine or a small river and has a length limited to 15m and a maximum width of 1m. It is an ideal pedestrian bridge to include within the route of a path or a family route.

This footbridge model enhances the aesthetic possibilities of suspension bridges with a more sophisticated design. The cables are anchored directly to the rock without supports or in a mixed form (one end with support pillars and the other anchored directly to the rock); it has vertical or diagonal rigid suspension hangers and a rigid board made of wood, steel, concrete or mixed.

It adds a heritage and tourist value to the area where it is located.

This model increases the heritage value of the area, is very flexible and allows its redesign to find suitable aesthetics for each project. Calculated mainly for pedestrians, it also allows the passage of vehicles limiting their access.

It has no length limitations

With no length limitations and a platform width from 2.5m to 4m, this bridge is ideal for urban or semi-urban areas.

It is the closest to the traditional Tibetan bridge, consisting of two cables anchored to the rock, without supporting pillars and with flexible cable suspension hangers. Unlike the Tibetan, where pedestrians generally walk on a cable, the Andes Model has a platform that can be made of wood, steel, mixed or other material that allows a safe passage without a harness.

It is designed for its installation in hard-to-reach areas with reduced budgets.

This model has been designed to be installed in areas of difficult access for the transport of materials such as canyons and ravines. The elements must be as light as possible so that their connection with the cables does not require external means of suspension.

It has no length limitations.

Its length being not limited a width between 1m and 1.5m is recommended for pedestrians and bicycles.

It is a high design model, devised in collaboration with architects. It consists of a cable bridge anchored to the ground, with supporting pillars, rigid steel suspension hangers according to standard, rigid steel platform or post-stressed concrete and a floor that allows different finishes.

Designed for the habitual use of pedestrians and bicycles but calculated for the passage of vehicles.

Mainly for pedestrian use, this bridge allows punctual passage of vehicles. The Atlas Model is a high performance one, but hides its robustness in a design of simple lines that give a slim air to the whole.

It increases the architectural and heritage value of the area where it is located.

This model has no length limitations and allows widths from 2.5m to 4m. The Atlas Model requires a thorough study of the area and its possibilities, and is ideal for the replacement of existing bridges of similar characteristics when these are very deteriorated and impossible to be restored.

At iMuntanya we have a team prepared to find the solution that best suits each project, starting from an own model or in collaboration with other engineering or construction companies.We offer to our collaborators our experience and specialized knowledge in the construction and installation of suspension bridges, as well as our workshop for the manufacture of all the necessary elements, as well as a human team trained in the techniques of vertical work, experienced in difficult accesses and accustomed to high mountains and small spaces.

If you are part of a company interested in collaborating with us, click here.

Els diferents models són un punt de partida per solucionar les necessitats de cada projecte.Tots ells compleixen els eurocodis i són adaptables a les obligacions i necessitats normatives de cada país.

From an idea to a bridge

Bridges or hanging walkways are light infrastructures that offer new communication routes for pedestrians and bicycles thus adding a singular tourist value to the area. Designed for environmental integration, they are ideal solutions for crossing rivers and ravines as well as for overcoming orographic depressions.

iMuntanya has a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians to calculate and devise a custom project based on our own models or in collaboration with other companies, also taking into account which will be the optimal installation system according to the location of the footbridge.

With the commissioning of a new project, in our technical department we carry out an executive design of the elements, analyze the options of connection and transmission of the loads from the main cable to the ground, we look for the best connections of the main cable with the platform and the suspension hangers and, finally, we work with care the aesthetics aspects of the bridge so that it results in a structure that integrates and adds beauty to the space where it is located.

With the approval of the design, in our workshop we prepare the structure and manufacture the components of the suspended bridge. From the catalogued parts to the special production of project parts, we are able to produce and assemble all gateway components in accordance with current EU regulations and the regulations of the country where it is installed. In iMuntanya we are experts in cable and we work with all the existing range in the market. We know this material, its properties and the ideal typology to get the best performance according to the needs of the project.

Finally, we install the bridge with our own equipment or we supply all the necessary components to installation companies such as cable-pendulum and pendulum-structure junction clamps and rigid or flexible steel pendulum.

Windsor Suspension Bridge, Gibraltar, UK

Gibraltar, United Kingdom
Windsor suspended bridge in Gibraltar

Ruta de los Molinos, Lucena del Cid

Lucena del Cid, Castelló
Puente colgante en Lucena del Cid, Castellón


Baró, Lleida
Pont penjant de Baró, Pallars Sobirà, Lleida


Piélagos, Santander
puente colgante de acero y hormigón en Piélagos, Santander


Chulilla walkways, València
Puente colgante en Chulilla


Vallfornès Footbridge, Montseny Natural Park
pont penjant PN del Montseny

Saligòs, FR

Saligos, France
pont suspendu du Saligos, France


Barruera, Lleida
Pont Suspendu de Barruera, Lleida 2004, Pont Suspendu de Barruera, Lleida 2004, Pont Suspendu de Barruera, Lleida 2004

Pont de Sanavastre, Isòvol

Sanavastre Walkbridge, Isòvol
Puente colgante de Sanavastre, Isòvol, Cerdanya, Puente colgante de Sanavastre, Isòvol, Cerdanya, Puente colgante de Sanavastre, Isòvol, Cerdanya

La Ribère, FR

La Ribère, France
Pont suspendu de La Ribère, France, Pont suspendu de La Ribère, France, Pont suspendu de La Ribère, France

Barèges, FR

Barèges, France
Pont Suspendu du Barèges, France, Pont Suspendu du Barèges, France, Pont Suspendu du Barèges, France, Pont Suspendu du Barèges, France

Pantà de Can Borrell, Parc Natural de Collserola

Can Borrell Swamp, Collserola
Passarel·les suspeses al Pantà de Can Borrel, Parc de Collserola, Passarel·les suspeses al Pantà de Can Borrel, Parc de Collserola, Passarel·les suspeses al Pantà de Can Borrel, Parc de Collserola

Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de San Maurici

Aigüestortes National Park, Lleida
Passarel·les suspeses al Pantà de Can Borrel, Parc de Collserola

Artigouly, FR

Artigouly, France
Pont du Cirq du Gavarnier, France

Cirq du Gavarnie, FR

Cirq du Gavarnie, France
Pont du Cirq du Gavarnier, France

Sant Esteve de Palautordera

Sant Esteve de Palautordera, Barcelona
Pont Penjant de Sant Esteve Palautordera, Barcelona

Pont de la Sarre, Luz Saint-Sauveur, FR

Luz Saint Sauvier, France
Pont suspendu de la Sarre, Luz Saint Sauvier, France

Barrada Gedre, FR

Barrada Gedre, France
Pont suspendu Barrada Gedre, France


Sassis, France
Pont Suspendu du Sassis, France

Herrera Pisuerga

Sassis, France
Pont Suspendu du Sassis, France

Sassis, FR

Sassis, France
Pont Suspendu du Sassis, France

Salardú, Vall d'Arán

Salardú, Val d’Aran
Pont penjant sobre el riu Unhola a Salardú, Plataforma del pont penjant sobre el riu Unhola a Salardú, Taules de picnic vora el pont penjant del riu Unhola, Puente Colgante de Salardú


In iMuntanya we offer two options for the installation of suspended footbridges: by our team, trained and approved according to the standards in force, or by an external company with the work supervision by iMuntanya for its proper assembly.

iMuntanya Team

We have specially adapted machinery for drilling and ground injection as well as the necessary tools and techniques for the assembly of the suspension bridge. Our team has extensive experience, knows the welding techniques and the proper handling of wood and concrete. In addition, it is homologated in the techniques of vertical works and works in confined spaces and certified at European level in the matter of labour risks prevention.

We have a long experience in areas of difficult orography and can guarantee the highest level in the execution of infrastructures.

External installation with iMuntanya supervision

Under the supervision and direction of an iMuntanya construction manager, the assembly of the suspended bridge may be carried out by an external company that has the appropriate equipment and certifies the knowledge and skills of its operators in vertical working techniques and labour risks prevention.

All walkways are delivered with a manual for proper installation.

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